DB Space powered by Digital Blanket

This module helps facility managers control, supervise and plan the utilization of their physical space inventory to obtain the maximum efficiency. The space management software makes space planning extremely convenient for facility managers helping them track current utilization and wastage. Apart from tracking the irregularities in the current utilization it also helps you plan and predict future space usage helping you create forecasts of future space requirements for your growing business.

key features


Integration with access control systems tracking ingress and egress of employee

Login/logout data- collect

Login/logout data- collect with an agent on desktop/laptop

Occupancy sensors

Occupancy sensors- per desk or per light fitting

Network Switch- port availability status

Network Switch- port availability status mapped to port number and hence location

Low power and cost-effective sensor tags

Low power and cost-effective sensor tags with readers that trach user presence on the seat/floor

WiFi access

WiFi access by mobile usage mapping the mac address of employee mobile to WiFi presence sensors to detect presence in allocated seats

Space management with the many options provided above increases room and desk utilization providing significant reduction in real estate costs. Integrating with building management will further helping in controlling the environment making it more conducive to the end user improving employee satisfaction and productivity and reducing energy wastage.


  • Reduce “seat search time” thereby improving employee experience, satisfaction and productivity

  • Optimize space and save up to 30% in office space reducing your real estate and operational costs

  • Cut energy costs by simply monitoring and controlling how, when and where energy is consumed, subject to integration with BMS

  • Forecast and plan future expansion with substantiated data on allocation, occupancy, density and utilization with trends

  • Upgrade to seat level tracking with added safety and security


DB SPACE can help you