The IMS solution powered by Digital Blanket

The IMS solution powered by Digital Blanket helps connect multiple facilities into a state of the art command center to enable remote monitoring and control of systems and subsystems in each of the facilities.

key features

Centralized Command & Control

Centralized command and control across multiple facilities providing a unified view across systems and sub-systems

Monitoring, automation and management

Monitoring, automation and management of building environment and Provide insights to system performance and determine overall health in real-time

Delivery of unified intelligence leveraging

Delivery of unified intelligence leveraging an IoT platform for data exchange between diverse smart building services to integrate, analyze and present.

Framework with automated & manual ticketing

Framework with automated & manual ticketing, service level management and escalation.


  • Centralized Command & Control for operational efficiency across all buildings

  • Connect with multi-vendor environment to provide unified views, decisive dashboards, analytical trends

  • Building automation services- UPS, HVAC, Diesel Generator & FAS

  • Equipment availability and performance services

  • Fault detection & diagnostics for real time automated action

  • Descriptive & Prescriptive analysis, breakdown analysis and correlation between systems to achieve SMARTness

  • Executive dashboards for comparison & measurement for efficiency, effectiveness, cost & Impact


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